Meet Ms. Geri



Geraldine ("Geri") Oliver is a vocalist whose singing reaches deep down and touches your heart, taking you on a journey to a place inside your soul, called "reverie". With an uncanny ability to hold you captive, her instrument of voice weaves a lyrical and melodic story that colors the atmosphere with healing hues.  Add the live, fluid, dynamism of jazz tones emanating from the band, and you become engulfed in a must hear and must feel, musical mosaic. 
Currently, Geri is making her way across the Philadelphia Jazz scene, wooing and wowing audiences and musicians alike with her sultry sound and visually compelling presence.  The attention she is getting from musical colleagues and the comments of the listening public, assures her of a promising future as a performing songstress specializing in Jazz repertoire. 
Ms. Oliver's stylish musings have been developed over years of working with renowned musicians, such as Tony Williams, Tony Day, Lee W. Smith, Larry McKenna, Thomas Gagliardi, Dylan Taylor, Aaron Graves, Dave Posmontier and Craig McIver, Warren Oree and the Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble, Harry "Butch" Reed, Adam Faulk, Tom Lawton, Jim Holton, the late Sam Reed, Wayne Smith, Jr., Kevin MacConnell,  just to name a few.  She attended the celebrated Temple University Jazz Performance Program where she was mentored by the late Donna Jean Cocchia, Jazz Vocalist /Performance Instructor and Arsenia Rosal Denlinger, Classical Voice / Vocal Technique Instructor.  Much of the music she performs can be found in the Great American Songbook, although she enjoys singing music from other genres, also. 
The talented Geraldine (Geri) Oliver, holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and had a lengthy and fulfilling career in the Healthcare Industry.  With a mission to touch people's lives, not only has she helped countless people regain their health, she continues to fulfill her purpose by delivering a serving of sound that can therapeutically relieve the stress of your day.  

Ms. Oliver recently completed a program established by the founder of Jazz Philadelphia, Gerald Veasley, entitled- The CORE Curriculum whose mission is to maintain and grow the culture of jazz in Philadelphia through education and community engagement.  Ms. Oliver has successfully curated a Gratitude Concert honoring two of Philadelphia's premier jazz vocalists-Ms. Justine (Keeys) and Ms. Pearl Williams, both of whom were mentors for Ms. Oliver and greatly nurtured her growth as a vocalist.

Listen out for Geraldine ("Geri") Oliver! 

She's just what the doctor ordered!